Intel Core presser: 32nm Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 CPUs (update: video!)


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via Engadget by Vladislav Savov on 1/7/10

Intel has just concluded its first CES press event of 2010, dedicated to “announcing” the already well known Arrandale and Clarkdale CPUs. They will be part of Intel’s planned 27 total SKUs coming in 2010, including four varieties of Core i3, eight Core i5s, and five Core i7 models. We were treated to a demo showing off a Core i5 laptop CPU running a 1080p video with another video stream overlaid on top of it with a measly 10% CPU usage.

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Philips delivers three new lines of Eco LED TVs


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via Engadget by Richard Lawler on 1/7/10

The new Philips / Funai combo P&F is promising a sweet look on the face of being green with its stylish Eco TV series. Check the press releases after the break, but the 4000, 5000 and ultimately 7000 series climb the ladder predictably in sizes and price. Key in 2010 is the introduction of Netflix streaming, internet radio and Blockbuster Video On Demand on some models and even HDMI 1.4 jacks on the top of the line 7000 models. Another bonus over the big boys? Actual prices and ship dates have been revealed. Check after the break for another shot of the 7000 and every detail you could ever ask for.

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Guide to TWiT Live @CES

twit live logo cesWell I have been following the TWiT Live @CES coverage so far and have been enjoying it, and am excited to see what comes out this weekend. After not seeing many updates tonight and reading people not spending 2 minus to look for some of the TWiT pages I though to make a short guide to there coverage. So here is a list of links to help you find more content.

Main Website:
*Live Video:
*Posterous Blog:
TWiT Wiki:
TWiT YouTube:
Leo Laporte Qik:
*Dr. Kiki Qik:
InsideTWiT YouTube:
TWiT Twitter:
Leo Twitter:
Kiki Twitter:
Dane Twitter:
Colleen Twitter:
Colleen Qik:
Tony Video Editor Qik:
Tony Twitter:

* Are main sites for good info.

These are just a few I found if you know of others leave a comment or email me at “webluke @ webluke . net” with the subject “TWiT CES Link” and I can add any you know of. To TWiT crew you doing a great job keep it coming 😀

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