Nexus one posting

well i got my nexus one a few weeks ago and i am enjoying it a lot. So looking through the apps i found a drupal posing app so i am trying it out now.
I also wanted to post that i have the podcast studio setup so i my be trying a test cast or #0 of my new endeavor. So more updates coming soon!

February 2010 Already

Wow its February 2010 already were did it go. I know not a lot of updates on the site and the last ones were just email in posts. But I hope to post more now, January was a busy month for service calls and just work. Along with one cold after the other I’m finale getting over this one after having to get some meds.

So good news we got half of our taxes back so I ordered my podcasting kit so expect a podcast to be coming soon. I also am getting a Google Nexus One phone, should be here in the morning, overnight shipping on the weekend is a none event. I’ve been excited to get this phone, so I well be posting about it a lot, and I well not do a unbox or video of it I well post a few embedded links when I talk about it though.

And finale I well be starting Online classes in the middle of March for Network Administration so that should be fun, I well be on the computer more so more updates likely. 😀

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