Webluke Cast 0 – Ready for Launch

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This is a test Podcast of the Webluke Podcast episode 0. Basically its my explanation of what I want the podcast to be and some thoughts on how it will play out. In a few days or so I will be doing a full on show and have news and such to bring every thing to life.

There are some edits where I would cough or say umm too much but all things that are done with audio. So check this out if you want to I will be adding a Podcast Feed soon so look for that, and to support what I am doing here click on Savings & Support and help me out, below will be a way to also send me a Amazon.com gift card if you want to help out that way.

Please comment on the show and add any thing you may think that would help things out.

PS: I do know I will need some kind of intro music and exit music it just kind of pops in there 😀

Finally Shipped My Nexus One Accessories

Nexus One Car Dock
Nexus One Car Dock

Wow my Nexus One Car Dock and Desktop Dock are finally shipping. I’m kind of surprised since they weren’t supposed to ship until the end of November. I was so taken away also because when I was trying to get them shipped to my new address but couldn’t because I use our credit card that isn’t in my name so I couldn’t do it because my name wasn’t on the order, lame. But a day later I was looking over my emails and saw that it all had shipped! I’m not sure if the order got fixed and then sent out because I called or if they just finally got the stuff in. But any way I will have to stop by my old address after it gets delivered on what looks like Monday.

So when I get the Docks in I’ll have to put up some pictures of how they are shipped, the ones from Google where in nice boxes (that I’m not sure if they got tossed or not in the move) so it would be nice if they are in the same type of packaging.

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