Thank you for donating

Thank you for taking the time to donate to and Webluke Cast. The support helps us bring you the website, podcast and much more. Listen and look for the thanks in the upcoming podcast and show notes.

Again thank you for the support we are relay happy to receive it.

(If you with to not be mentioned please email me at webluke {at} webluke {dot} net with your name so I can follow you wishes. If you want to give a shout out to your website as support use the same email and include a message of what the site you would like mentioned is about.)

Savings & Support


Donate towards my web hosting bill! Savings & Support what do you mean by that WebLuke? This is a page of ways to save on cool stuff and services and also support this website and blog. And even if you don’t want or already have these go ahead and click on some of the Google Ads or next time you go to buy something from come click though to the site from here or one the rest of the site.

Looking for good hosting? Check out and if you sign up use promo code “WEBLUKE1” and save $20 the first year!

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