Guide to TWiT Live @CES

twit live logo cesWell I have been following the TWiT Live @CES coverage so far and have been enjoying it, and am excited to see what comes out this weekend. After not seeing many updates tonight and reading people not spending 2 minus to look for some of the TWiT pages I though to make a short guide to there coverage. So here is a list of links to help you find more content.

Main Website:
*Live Video:
*Posterous Blog:
TWiT Wiki:
TWiT YouTube:
Leo Laporte Qik:
*Dr. Kiki Qik:
InsideTWiT YouTube:
TWiT Twitter:
Leo Twitter:
Kiki Twitter:
Dane Twitter:
Colleen Twitter:
Colleen Qik:
Tony Video Editor Qik:
Tony Twitter:

* Are main sites for good info.

These are just a few I found if you know of others leave a comment or email me at “webluke @ webluke . net” with the subject “TWiT CES Link” and I can add any you know of. To TWiT crew you doing a great job keep it coming 😀

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