Google’s New Look

Over the past month or two Google has been changing how things look on their sites such as the search page, G+, news, docs, and recently Gmail, Reader, and calendar. I have the new look running on all my Google stuff except GMail. I don’t know why but with the extra spacing I was having problems reading my inbox, but as writing this I did switch to the new look and after seeing that you can change the “Display Density” I kind of like it too.

All the new looks are meant to make things nicer and more modern, along with make all the Google pages the same look across their sites. I have one problem with them having dynamics width and not a fixed with once they get too wide. But not vary many people are running there screen at 1080p and maximize there screens like I do, I think. Writing this in Word I only have it using half the screen because it would look bad so I need to go back to keeping my GMail in a smaller window. G+ dose have a fixed width though, humm.

Now that G+ is on my domain apps things are working better, since I can stay logged into one account now. But it seems that the new look dose make it much easier to use the sites. Seems that I’m just rambling on about this so will call it for now.

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