Wait has it been over a year?

Wow it looks like it has been over a year and I once again have had nothing good to say on my blog! Not sure if that is good or bad, I probably share too much stuff on Facebag but meh, it takes 2 seconds as I scroll through stuff and find it interesting or informative. The political climate has changed and normally rational people are losing it, and big tech companies would rather see themselves implode over identity politics then just make cool stuff with the world’s data. But that’s not why I write on here, it’s mostly a public spew of something’s happening to me or what not.

This new keyboard is super easy to type on but it needs a wrist wrest, let’s see if it feels better with just the old one propped up, humm yes but not as easy to move my fingers to the keys. BRB off to Amazon…

Amazon what is this a baguette wrist rest!

There the black normal one looks ok will see.

So I did start a new job doing IT, web work, and other programming. It kind of gets all the areas I am good at into one so it keeps me interested. They also have sent me on a few business trips and that has been fun because I get to see some places I probably would have never visited and get paid to do it. Another good thing is it’s in the town I have lived in and would have never though they existed but boom there it is so that’s cool. Just past 6 months so I am a permanent employee so it’s going good.

I was all interested in getting an Amateur Radio Licence but it was kind of off-putting being around the guys who do it, as most are old and just want to do contacts and can’t really get into messing with radio tech so that’s kind of lame. I think I will still go for my General licence so I have a large set of frequencies to work with, and now that I have good money coming in I could get some equipment.

My grandpa turned 90 a few months back, that’s a long time! We had a little party and all hung out with him on a long weekend and that was good. I think a thing that has kept him going was staying active, getting out and doing things, living a clean life, and keeping positive. It’s amazing to think all the things he has lived through and still have been just young enough to have missed some of the bad things. He was in World War 2 but was training after Europe was liberated and was going to get shipped to the Pacific but was probably saved by the dropping of the bombs and the end of the war. He ended up spending his time in the service helping guys get home so that’s still a necessary task. Because he and my grandma grew up after the great depression they were very frugal and did some good investments, resulting in an active retirement from a bank locksmith.

Any way I am working hard at a new job, still need to finish my degree, just some pesky math classes getting in my way but I will try to do them around working. I also haven’t don any robotics or programming things in a while so I probably should do some of that, along with reading since I really haven’t had time or willpower to do much of that after a full day at work. I think I will be starting to plan out a new computer build soon. The new generation of processors are out, and a lot of things are down in price due to some economic booming and I actually have some money haha. Humm those guys I worked for last winter still owe me a few thousand… Anyway say no to Socialism and work hard and enjoy the rewards.

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