Finally Shipped My Nexus One Accessories

Nexus One Car Dock
Nexus One Car Dock

Wow my Nexus One Car Dock and Desktop Dock are finally shipping. I’m kind of surprised since they weren’t supposed to ship until the end of November. I was so taken away also because when I was trying to get them shipped to my new address but couldn’t because I use our credit card that isn’t in my name so I couldn’t do it because my name wasn’t on the order, lame. But a day later I was looking over my emails and saw that it all had shipped! I’m not sure if the order got fixed and then sent out because I called or if they just finally got the stuff in. But any way I will have to stop by my old address after it gets delivered on what looks like Monday.

So when I get the Docks in I’ll have to put up some pictures of how they are shipped, the ones from Google where in nice boxes (that I’m not sure if they got tossed or not in the move) so it would be nice if they are in the same type of packaging.

Nexus One Accessories Back-ordered Until End of November

Nexus One Car Dock
Nexus One Car Dock

Well it seems that HTC is not that interested in sending me or well anyone Nexus One accessories. The last few e-mails I have gotten from (errrrrrrrrrrrrr) are showing my order to be shipped on November 26 2010 or as they put it 11-26-2010. So that makes it back-ordered for over 3 months wow do they even want to sell this stuff or what!

I looked up on the Nexus One user support forums and it seems that no one else has gotten any orders for there Nexus One stuff yet ether so it’s not just me. This is relay too bad that we can’t get any thing from Google directly any more they had things working smooth.

So if you are looking to get a Nexus One car dock or desktop dock for your sweet sweet phone it looks like it may be a while for the earth to make some more plastic and copper so they can make this stuff.

/me Annoyed!

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Nexus One Accessories Only From HTC

Nexus One Car Dock
Nexus One Car Dock

Well that kind of sucks, Google has discontinued the Nexus One Android smart phone, and they also stopped selling the Accessories. They are now out of phones and the only way to get them now it be a developer and they are sold though a third party. And I though I should get an extra Car Dock and a Desktop Dock, but it was unclear at first on how to get them.

So now the only way to get accessories for the Nexus One is though the HTC web store. The price is also higher witch is what sucks even more, and they don’t sell extra battery that I also wanted to get one. Here is a brake down of the price increase.

Nexus One Desktop Dock
Nexus One Desktop Dock
  • Nexus One Desktop Dock
    • Original: $45
    • Now: $59.99
  • Nexus One Car Phone Holder
    • Original: $55
    • Now $59.99
  • Nexus One Spare Battery
    • Original: $25
    • Now: Unavailable (Can find them from 3rd party websites)

So if you are looking for these go to the store and get them, right now as I’m ordering mine they are on backorder.

Direct Link Here To The Nexus One Accessories

Update 8/28/2010: Looks like they are going to backorder my order again! I keep getting emails saying its still backordered, and its kind of ticking me off because they are the only ones who sell this stuff new now. You would think they would be able to get this out sooner since they are making them.

Update 9/8/2010: They just keep pushing out my order, from what I am seeing now its up to 9/11/2010 to ship. These guys need to get there act together if they are relay going to be shipping this stuff. Wonder if I call the Google support number for the N1 and they can give any help?