Moved to WordPress

Well I am in the middle of moving to WordPress from Drupal. I still like Drupal for building websites, but for the main I relay only need to have a blogging system. And Drupal was almost too hard to keep updated and post to. I know its easy enough to just run BlogDesk or Live Writer to do a post but things weren’t working out how I wanted them to.

Also I just don’t have the time to keep the site files updated and the auto update stuff in WordPress makes it so easy to do. I was looking at Blogger but it seems like I would have so much more control with this. Lots of the posts are missing at this point but I will be importing the slowly as I get time. There isn’t any easy way to do it, the best way I have found is used BlogDesk. I load a post from the old site, then un-check that site and check the new one then set the categories and publish. This keeps the date posted and lots of other stuff.

Any pictures in posts probably will not show up for now. As I use the new setup more all the stuff will be looking better. I also hope this will motivate me to post a few times a week. I may even end up posting my thoughts for the day about what ever tech stuff I see or hear about.

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