Learning HTML5 and CSS3

In the past few months I have been finding out that the school district I work at has not gotten enough money for some of the costs of running the schools. Because of this they have been cutting jobs and adding more work load to me and others around me. So this has driven me to look for something to help my situation, even though now I know I will have a job for the next year so far. Almost 7 years ago I learned how to build websites and I was coding all my own sites, then later switched over to Drupal and now I am using WordPress. While these are great tools I wanted to learn how to do all my own coding and start offering my services to local businesses.

So far I have learned how to do basic things now in HTML5 and CSS3, and I have been applying what I am learning to building out a site I am working on that has business listings. It’s amazing how much I have been able to remember because I learned how to do XHTML the right way and it has lots of things that are almost the same as HTML5.

One place I have been having problems getting use too was how much JavaScript you need to know, it’s almost all new to me but to make things work in most every browser you have to have a few tricks in your pages. Some other things I will be learning more about would be how to code a user system in PHP and some MySQL backend storage. I also need to get better with building some graphics for the pages. But it is all something that will happen and I know I can learn easy enough.

So where will I be building out more information on what I am doing is going to happen on WebLuke.com since I got it a few years ago and now it’s just pointing back to WebLuke.net.

Here is a link to the book I found that seems to be good at going over HTML5 and CSS3.

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