Natural-Selection 2 Build 180 Video

Just saw that there was an update to the Natural-Selection 2 Beta to build 180, it looks like it is getting better each build. I may have to get in a few games and see how things are working. Below is a NS2HD video of the changes and some new game play.

NS2 Alpha date set

Hello NS(2)Players!

This has been a big week for us.

We set the date for the NS2 Alpha for Monday, July 26th. If you’ve pre-ordered the Special Edition already, THANK YOU. Otherwise, if you want to be playing on Day 1, you’ll need to order it before then:

NOTE: After July 26th, we are discontinuing the Special Edition and black marine armor and will be increasing the price on the Standard Edition. We want to make sure our early adopters retain this distinction.

We also released some new screenshots and information about what to expect in the alpha:

Some of you played NS on Halloween night of 2002 and can remember how many changes the game went through in the weeks following. Day 1 of the NS2 Alpha will probably be a wild ride as well and we’re looking forward to getting your feedback and improving it quickly. NS had over 20 versions over many years and we expect to support NS2 for years as well.

As many of you know, we’ve been working hard for many years to get to this point and we hope you join us. We wouldn’t be here without your support – nor would we want to be.

-Charlie “Flayra” Cleveland and the NS2 Team

NS2 Engine Test released!

Hello everyone!

Today is a big milestone for Unknown Worlds: we’ve just released the NS2 “Engine Test” to everyone that has pre-ordered the game. This is the first version of the game and game engine that will allow you to run around on a couple small maps and fire the rifle at animated dummy targets.

This will help us test our technology to make sure we get it running smoothly on a wide variety of computers. Grab it now! (

The first time you run it, you’ll need to enter your NS2 game key (sent after ordering the game). If you’ve lost your game key you can retrieve it here (

This release will also allow you to load up any map you build and run around it. Finally, enterprising mod-makers will also be able to start hacking around with the game script code that comes with it, although this is not meant as an official mod release.

We’re looking forward to your feedback ( and we hope you enjoy this firstlook at the cool technology behind the game!

-The NS2 Team

Lerk reveal and engine test starting

Hey guys!

We just released the first look at the new "Lerk" class in Natural Selection 2! Check out concepts, renders and a movie showing him in action (

We also wanted to let you know we're starting engine testing with the people who have pre-ordered the Special Edition. This is not a demo or an alpha but is an engine test, meant to test graphics, networking, performance, compatibility, etc. It also includes the full scripting tools so coders can start experimenting.

Over 10,000 people pre-ordered Natural Selection 2. We don't want to be overwhelmed with bug reports so we're starting out small. Then we'll be growing it continuously as we hammer out issues and are ready to deploy it to a larger group. We'll be granting access to players in the order that they pre-ordered ( We're also hard at work on the NS2 alpha – the results of this engine test will make sure it works great when we release the alpha to all the Special Edition pre-orderers.

You've been so kind as to support us and because of that we're still in business. We hope you understand our strategy. We're eager to get NS2 into everyone's hands as soon as possible!

-The NS2 Team