Game Developers Stop Using Head Bob!

All first-person game developers stop using head bob in your game. If you want some, then sure add the option to enable it, but make sure users can disable it altogether. This is because the extra movement of things on screen or shaking of the camera causes people to get sick, and it is not natural to how you see something in real life.

Think about this when you are walking down the street, you do not see a wobble back and forth as you take steps. So, adding wobble in-game just seems unnatural to how you see things through your own eyes. If things are happening to the player like an explosion, sure shake the screen to visualize the action, but running, walking, breathing should not shake the camera on screen.

Next, when you are carrying a cup of coffee, does it wobble around in front of you? Nope, it’s down below your natural view most of the time. So why is something the user is carrying shaking all over the place? Yes, you want to show the item to the player, so they know what they have, but keep it from shaking or have it move below the camera view unless interacting with it.

So, what does the shaking and wobbling do to users/players? It gives them motion sickness. I have this problem with head bob most of the time. Some games, I cannot play more than 30 minutes before getting sick. This gaming sickness seems to be a common topic on gaming forums, but it seems most developers do not respond or ignores the users. We want to play your games, but if we get sick, then its not fun.

Let’s make sure you add options to disable all shakes, wobbles, bobs, and other camera movements that cause players to become sick. Stop ignoring them! If you think it adds to the game, then have the option to enable it, but do not force us to have it on. I come at you with this because EA does not have options to disable the crazy swing of the camera in Battlefield V (Battlefield 5). Minecraft has the option on by default, but I always turn it off first thing, making it playable.

Steam Deal Warning

Steam_2012-02-21_01-21-22I was checking out what deals Stream has and I saw Just Cause 2 for $5.09 ok sweet deal. Ok then if you want the official guide its was $3.39 so if you add that up it would be $8.48. But for some reason they have them as a two item deal for $10.19 what happened! I looks like they have a different price setup for the two together but as you can see from the pic they all are 66% off.

Just had to put this out as a word of warning to look at things like this and do a little math, I know it was probably a mistake but not a lot of people look at the costs of things or just think they are getting a good deal because it is on sale, keep this in mind when you go to a store and look at things you get there they are even worse than little things like this.

Full Screen Borderless Half-Life 2 Steam Games

If you are like me and have two screens you end up with other things going on, on one screen while you are playing games. While playing Left 4 Dead 2 the game was crashing so someone said they used borderless full screen. So I set up Team-Fortress 2 and it is so much better to have it this way. So here is a little tutorial.

  1. In steam open your Library of games, select the game you want and right click it to open the menu and select Properties.
  2. Click on Set Launch Options
  3. Add the “-window -noborder -novid” to the box and select OK
  4. Start the game like you normally would

This should work on any game any game with the Valve Source Engine based on Half-Life 2 such as Half-Life 2 and its episodes, Team-Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Day of Defeat : Source, Counter-Strike : Source and Half-Life 2 Death Match. Now I need to see if World of Warcraft has some of the same options.

The -novid option makes it so that the Valve video and the game intro video don’t play every time you load the game.

Wow: Redridge Mountains

So I found out about the World of Warcraft year pass that you get when you subscribe for a year and you get a mount in game and also a copy of Diablo 3. Any way I have been playing a little bit, my hunter that is 85 didn’t seem fun to play so I got on a priest that was level 5. I worked through Elywnn Forest and Westfall to come to Redridge Mountains. From the past the quests were kind of dumb and you would need a group to do some of the higher level quests so when I would get to them I would just try my hand at Duskwood, but since the update I found that the area was fun to play.

When they had the Cataclysm expansion they updated the old original content to add new quests and tweak game play. From what I saw in this area I am liking the changes to some of these area I have done 20-30 times. To start they changed the quests to work in a progression rather than just have a pile of quests that you go out and do. This is keeping in the new areas that have a story rather than just a pile of quests, I didn’t read much of the quests text, seem to have stopped doing that before I got my first guy to level 40 but it was clear that there is a story line and you play though cleaning up the area from the Blackrock orcs.

There new phasing system were as you work through the quests that things change helps with the story because it helps you see that by blowing up that tower did keep the tower blown up and the orcs around it would go away or change in some way making the world more dynamic and not so static.

I have not done any of this with any other players were they may be on a different part of the quest line, and they have made it so that you can do the quests by yourself even when there are elite attacking you by in the case of Redridge you get a elite squad from being captured and then work with them to finish off the boss in the area that is causing the problems.

As for gear and loot they do a good job now all the way from the start to my now level 23 giving out gear that is good, some of the old areas such as these were giving out gear with no stats while the new areas were giving some good stats on them or you would have to go to dungeons to get some of your gear. It helps you work through a level vary easy also, so that you never feel stuck and leveling up even a priest by myself has been fun and not too hard ether.

I plan on playing this guy mostly doing just quests, I was expecting to get him up to a level where I could get into dungeons and just tag along a bunch of them to get my levels but I am enjoying what they have done to make the old world more fun to play.

Natural-Selection 2 Build 180 Video

Just saw that there was an update to the Natural-Selection 2 Beta to build 180, it looks like it is getting better each build. I may have to get in a few games and see how things are working. Below is a NS2HD video of the changes and some new game play.

Nintendo Wii U E3 Trailer

Nintendo has release there demo of the new and updated Wii U at E3, it is mostly a new controller. The system will have support for HD video, older Wii games, and USB ports for new stuff. But the main thing they are building is a new controller that has a touch screen, camera, and motion sensors. It seems that it is mostly about having one of the new controllers and a bunch of Wii controllers that you should already have if you own a Wii. I’m sure if you want a second Wii U controller it will run around $100.

As for the games it looks like there are a lot of new ways to build games with or without the main system, and you can have 5 people playing in a demo game where they would chase down the 5th person with the new controller. Should be fun, but I still love PC gaming!

Battlefield 3: Operation Metro Map E3 Trailer

Looks like EA has a new Battlefield coming out, Battlefield 3. From the trailer at E3 2011 it looks like it will be a modern city battles rather than some of the older open field battles. This should help keep players fighting each other and not just wondering around looking for that one good sniper kill. This new shooter will have big compotation with the new Call of Duty game coming out this winter also.

After looking at it some more this trailer is just one map but it’s still cool, if this is going to be the multiplayer game play!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

Once again another COD game is coming out, this time they blow up the USA, EU and a bunch of other things! I’m sure there is going to be a multi player mode that millions of people will be hooked on, I just hope that they will make the maps small enough for the few people they get in a game now that you can’t host you own 32 player frag fest. O the good old days of running out tossing a grenade and blowing up 3 n00bs! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be out November 8th 2011. Its big competition will be Battlefield 3.


Tomb Raider E3 Trailer

Tomb Raider on Xbox looks like it should be fun, and the trailer has lots of hot wet shots of Lara Croft to help you want to play it! Just hope it’s not a bunch of jumping back and forth and killing tigers like the original game was. Looks like this will be on all the big systems too so that’s cool, GO PC!