Steam Deal Warning

Steam_2012-02-21_01-21-22I was checking out what deals Stream has and I saw Just Cause 2 for $5.09 ok sweet deal. Ok then if you want the official guide its was $3.39 so if you add that up it would be $8.48. But for some reason they have them as a two item deal for $10.19 what happened! I looks like they have a different price setup for the two together but as you can see from the pic they all are 66% off.

Just had to put this out as a word of warning to look at things like this and do a little math, I know it was probably a mistake but not a lot of people look at the costs of things or just think they are getting a good deal because it is on sale, keep this in mind when you go to a store and look at things you get there they are even worse than little things like this.