IE HTML5 & CSS3 with Selectivizr & HTML4SHIM

While reading though my book about HTML5 and CSS3 they talk about a JavaScript library that helps Internet Explorer understand CSS3, and its new ways of styling websites. Selectivizer, previously IE-CSS3, will let you use good HTML5 code and some of the new ways of doing styling in CSS3 without adding lots of extra code that other browsers don’t need.

The problem with a lot of these JavaScript libraries is that they expect you to know how to get these things working without much explanation. So after a few pages of searching Google I did find Rey Bango’s blog and he gives a good explanation on how to use it and set it up.

Here is the code snippet that he gives about how to get it running on a page:

<script src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="selectivizr.js"></script>
<noscript><link rel="stylesheet" href="css/ie-fallback.css" media="screen, projection"></noscript>
<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">

Also if you are trying to use HTML5 for building new websites or fixing up an old site you should also check out the html5shim that will fix IE so that it will understand some of the new elements added to HTML5.

To get it working on your site just add this code, no downloading needed because it’s all hosted up on Google Code:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="//"></script>

These are a few things that are needed to make a site work right in IE because IE is such garbage.

Android Market on PC

So Google released the Android Market on PCs in a web browser a few days ago, and from my playing around with it, it’s kind of cool. There is lots of work to be done though but it’s a start. First you can install apps from the website and have it install on your device right away. This makes it really nice so you don’t have to do all that scan a QR code or send a link to the phone or what not. Second it’s easier to find apps you may want to use, and it’s easier to see what they are with more images and even videos of the apps. But finally the bad part is it is always trying to get you to get the paid apps, which is ok but I like to find free apps and if I like them to get the paid version with more features.

Other then the fact that it wants all paid apps, I like being able to get new apps easy.

2011 New Year Already

So things here haven’t been up-to-date that much. With me getting colds and not liking how the podcast was turning out and the holidays the site was kind of neglected. But I think I have figured out how I want to do the podcast and should be coming out with a new show soon. As for the website, I am going to be posting more and try to post more of the new things I am learning. School for me has been going well but I think I need to read the books more because I think I am missing some of the information even though I know the answers to the questions they want answered.

So look out for more about what I am learning, podcasts on specific subjects not news, and I should be trying new stuff with servers and IT related subjects.

Two Weeks of WordPress

The logo of the blogging software WordPress.
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Well after over two weeks of using WordPress I think I like it. The number of posts has increased from one every few months to a one to two a week. I don’t blame the software too much, it seems like it is easier to post to a WordPress blog/website than it was for me to post to my Drupal site. The true test is in two to three months from now am I still posting as much.

A few things that I have found that I like is the web admin posting interface, it’s easy to make good looking posts and nice to write in. But the post that I am doing now is being done in Microsoft Word 2007. Just though I would try it out and see if it was easy to make a post and take advantage of the spell check and grammar checking so that I don’t mess that stuff up too much. 😛

One main thing that I like about WordPress is the ability to update plug-ins and themes. If I see one I just tell it to auto update and it’s done in seconds. Also when I want to add something I just stay on my admin page use the Add New under Plug-ins and I am installing the thing I want relay fast. Changing settings works out quite nice also, most are AJAX and after a quick Save, I am seeing it on the site. The mobile theme plug-in works great also; it lets me have a fast nice way to display my site on my Nexus One/Android and iPhones.

This means I will stay for a while it seems with WordPress and kick it around and see what else it can do. It is used by lots of big names because of how powerful it is and what you can customize. Off I go into more blog posts and updates to come, hopefully I well get a podcast going also, just need my voice to come back from this cold.

Update: Word was good to write in, but adding tags and categories didn’t work so I just sent it to the blog as a draft and finished that stuff in the admin editor.

Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing — we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

This is a post that brought me a lot of traffic to my website, and most of it went to Brazil. If you are looking for the Tweet its at this link, I think it was some time when Twitter was down or something.

Also if you want you can follow me on twitter I’m @webluke

Coming together 08/15/2010

Well it seems like the website is coming back together. I don’t have every thing setup just right yet and I haven’t gotten hardly any posts re-posted since Saturday was busy and Sunday was all about working though my collage classes. But I’ll get them all up and running and have things like categories setup for them to help with the Google juice.

Moved to WordPress

Well I am in the middle of moving to WordPress from Drupal. I still like Drupal for building websites, but for the main I relay only need to have a blogging system. And Drupal was almost too hard to keep updated and post to. I know its easy enough to just run BlogDesk or Live Writer to do a post but things weren’t working out how I wanted them to.

Also I just don’t have the time to keep the site files updated and the auto update stuff in WordPress makes it so easy to do. I was looking at Blogger but it seems like I would have so much more control with this. Lots of the posts are missing at this point but I will be importing the slowly as I get time. There isn’t any easy way to do it, the best way I have found is used BlogDesk. I load a post from the old site, then un-check that site and check the new one then set the categories and publish. This keeps the date posted and lots of other stuff.

Any pictures in posts probably will not show up for now. As I use the new setup more all the stuff will be looking better. I also hope this will motivate me to post a few times a week. I may even end up posting my thoughts for the day about what ever tech stuff I see or hear about.

07/26/2010 Thought

Natural-Selection 2 alpha came out tonight, lots of things not done yet but cool to see. It will be fun when it’s done. I think it may be time to upgrade my computer but it will be a while till I can save up for it.

I’m trying to post more but I say this all the time but just need to do it.

Nexus one posting

well i got my nexus one a few weeks ago and i am enjoying it a lot. So looking through the apps i found a drupal posing app so i am trying it out now.
I also wanted to post that i have the podcast studio setup so i my be trying a test cast or #0 of my new endeavor. So more updates coming soon!

February 2010 Already

Wow its February 2010 already were did it go. I know not a lot of updates on the site and the last ones were just email in posts. But I hope to post more now, January was a busy month for service calls and just work. Along with one cold after the other I’m finale getting over this one after having to get some meds.

So good news we got half of our taxes back so I ordered my podcasting kit so expect a podcast to be coming soon. I also am getting a Google Nexus One phone, should be here in the morning, overnight shipping on the weekend is a none event. I’ve been excited to get this phone, so I well be posting about it a lot, and I well not do a unbox or video of it I well post a few embedded links when I talk about it though.

And finale I well be starting Online classes in the middle of March for Network Administration so that should be fun, I well be on the computer more so more updates likely. 😀